My aim is to help you with what is not working in your life.

To agree with you specific outcomes you want that will help you move forward and make the changes that you need to a happier and more contended life. Sometimes we are so close to something we lose our clarity. A professional therapist questioning you and enabling you to reflect on your actions can help you to find your way again. All of us have strengths we simply can lose sight of what these are. 

Over the years and with the training and experience I have built up I have developed methods that integrate different approaches and this website sets out these ways of working with you. Ways that are agreed with you, that you are comfortable with and that achieve results. 

You may need a one off session, a few sessions or a longer period therapy. My clients use me in different ways and the number of sessions we have may not always be related to the apparent severity of the problem. 

Long-term therapy


Clients I see every week who use me to offload and help with tensions and anxieties in situations or in relationships. Some clients may have problems or life changing emotional events such as bereavement or the ending of a close relationship that require an intensive and very supportive period of therapy. Clients may have experienced deep traumas or abuse or have an ongoing mental health conditions.  

Short-term therapy


Clients that have one to twelve sessions often for a specific problem or change in their life such as redundancy, bullying at work, retirement stresses, relationship hiccups, anxiety arising from an event that has happened etc. This work may involve doing cognitive behaviour therapy which looks at the ways you think and behave, and helps you with experiments to get a more balanced perspective on life. 

Periodic therapy

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Clients who see me like their psychological GP and visit me at periods in their life when they are struggling with particular issues or concerns. This contact may be a review, or like a yearly mind MOT and is often between one to three sessions or we may agree more sessions. Many clients use me in this way and over the years I get to work with challenges, changes or repeating patterns in their life.

Coaching therapy


Clients who want to concentrate on the future and want more direction may benefit from a more coaching approach. This can be useful for employment changes, new careers, or people who have not got the right balance in life. I work often with Chief Execs and Senior Managers who are heading for breakdown or have become too work orientated and lost sight of what else life has to offer them.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Neuro Linquistic Programming

Emotional Freedom Technique